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Adidas Bambi Off the Court


When it comes to athletes, especially basketball players, we tend to only picture on the court. Have you ever wondered what other activities they might have? How do they go through their day-to-day life?

Carlotta States and Adee, two basketball players, joined us today from Paris to tell us how a day in the life of a basketball player looks like, in and off the court.

Adee lives in 19th arrondissement of Paris. To attend the training, she usually takes public transportations or electric kick scooter – when the weather is nice. After the match, Adee and her team buy some food and stay to cheer players of the next match. Otherwise, she meets her other friends or just heads home to have dinner with her siblings and relax in front of her favorite shows. Adee started basketball in the Jean Jaurès gymnasium. “It is really my favorite place,” she tells us. “I knew most of my childhood friends in this gymnasium.” The Jemmapes Playground (remade by Foot Locker) is also a place where she likes to play because of its warm family atmosphere.

Near Paris lives Carlotta, in Alfortville, and she usually commutes to her training by car. When matches are over, team players often go to the restaurant together. After that, she goes home, shower, Netflix and chill in a comfortable outfit. But in summertime, Carlotta prefers walking to her training. “It's nice to walk along the canal. There are people, music, life…” she says.

Living in the capital of fashion may influence their clothing choices. Carlotta loves casual but stylish over-size looks. Off-court, she is always wearing slippers and socks to let her body and feet relax a maximum. She often gets inspired from WNBA players. Her favorite pieces are oversized cropped tracksuit sets. She believes that 2022 will be all about normalizing girls wearing more masculine clothes and vice versa.

Also a fan of the over-size style, Adee is inspired by both modern and vintage looks from the 90s/2000s. The street and Instagram are her main sources of inspiration in terms of fashion. As she spends most of her time training, Adee likes to look her best off the court. She loves wearing simple but stylish outfits like oversized jeans, a matching jacket, and a pair of sneakers.

Today, Carlotta and Adee are wearing the adidas Bambi collection with adidas Forum shoes. Check out their full outfits and more from the Bambi collection.