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    Jordan 1 Flight - Michael Jordan’s pride and joy

    With the Jordan 1 Flight, we take a step back from the hard facts, keeping a respectful distance to rise above it all.

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    A short excursion through history

    Michael Jordan is a god of basketball, a legend among players and the fortunate namesake of this celebrated brand. Nike originally just wanted to create a few basketball shoes for a rising star in the world of basketball named Michael Jordan – but the Jordan 1 and 2 were so popular that Nike experienced a massive boost and was catapulted to the peak of the sneaker world by devoted fans. When launched, the Jordan 3 was the best basketball shoe on the market, which set off a massive craze. The craze was so powerful, in fact, that Nike decided to spin off the Jordan brand into a separate subsidiary, as the demand was simply too much to cope with. This all took place right at the start of the 90s, just as Michael Jordan was breaking every basketball record imaginable and was enjoying the support of a fan community that was expanding at an increasing pace. Nike didn’t implement the decision to create the subsidiary until 1997, when the Jordan 18 became the new company’s first release. It was followed not only by more cool basketball shoes, but just about everything to delight basketball players and fans: shirts, rucksacks, baseball caps, and warm-up suits, and so on and so forth. You might be asking yourself what all that has to do with the Jordan 1 Flight? If so, don’t worry, we’ll explain.

    The look that you need as a player

    Every shoe in the numeric series ultimately only served as a prelude to the real killer product: the Jordan 1 Flight 2. This high top sneaker is a true gem, created for the urban lifestyle with amazing textured leather and synthetic upper. The signature look of the Jordan 1 Flight is emphasised by the Jumpman logo detail, and the Nike Air Jordan wings logo on the ankle makes the high-top sneaker more recognisable. The inner material is a wonderfully breathable textile to make the shoes super comfortable and wearable. The story continues with the perforated toe box, which makes the shoes uniquely comfortable to wear, fulfilling its role perfectly. While we’re on the subject of comfort, the Nike Air cushioning leaves nothing to be desired, so that you feel as though you’re floating a couple of centimetres above the ground.

    Of course, covering ground by talking about hard facts can be quite uncomfortable and thus, not very appealing, so let’s move on and return to the warm feelings of our childhood. Before we get too sentimental however, convince yourself first, as this shoe really does not need any exaggeration – the Jordan 1 Flight is simply fantastic from the start! The padded body and tongue make them easy to put on, while the laces ensure that the shoes fit your feet snugly. As this model is available in a range of sizes, there’s nothing to stop you from enjoying the pleasure of owning and wearing these shoes!

    The right shoe at any given moment

    Do you feel as though we’re floating together over green meadows and visiting the Eiffel Tower? Maybe not, but even if you were, we’re sure that these shoes truly would be made for every moment in your life. They add a finishing touch to a pair of jeans, and can show off your calves when worn with shorts. If you wear these shoes with an elegant outfit, you’ll create an edgy look with a twist to make the most of this sporty, informal style, or dress down by combining these luxuriously laid-back shoes with casual clothes and relaxed details. That means that you can wear the Jordan 1 Flight for leisure, obviously for sport (which is why it was invented, of course) and even at work. In fact, you never need to take these shoes off again. Of course, you do have to get hold of them first – and that’s what Foot Locker is for!

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